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Books and reference works are a must for any wine lover.They are a great source of information for your own enrichment, whether you're a professional, amateur or beginner. Moreover decorates a nice wine book published the coffee table or bookcase and it is an ideal gift.

Here is a selected list of important books. You can order them online immediately. They are delivered several days later. You can always look up books .


You can of course also subscribe to the major food and wine magazines so that updates automatically end up with you. 
Via Wines in Belgium you will get 30% discount on a subscription to the following magazines:

Taste - Trend magazine gastronomy, tourism, lifestyle and interior.

wine Letter

And finally, you can monthly receive our free newsletter . You will find useful tips and news to buy better wine, preserve and drink. You can possibly have a question items and maybe the answer comes in the next newsletter to you.

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